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Soundtrack your life.

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Soundtrack your social videos with the touch of a fingertip. Play around with our unique tracks and create your own masterpiece.

What they say about us

“Moodelizer wants to put the power of suitable soundtracks in the hands of amateur filmmakers, by letting you add a delightfully over-the-top soundtrack to the most mundane of tasks at the touch of a button.”

“Soundtracking your boring life is surprisingly entertaining. Creating content around a soundtrack makes filming a fleeting moment more significant.”

“Moodelizer arrives at a time when industry monoliths Facebook, Snapchat and Apple are all grappling with how to fuse social media and music.”

“The application allows users to take videos of anything they may be doing in their lives […] and add a bit of original music, instantly making whatever is going on even just slightly more interesting.”