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Pricing that works for you

Buying rights to use music in a film can be a headache, costing time and money. So we’ve worked hard to ensure that Moodelizer Studio simplifies the process. We only have one plan and it comes with a 30-day free trail. It’s headache-free.

Moodelizer Studio for macOS


$24 /month $264 /year Pay annually and save $24

No credit card required

Music licensing made simple

Synchronization rights are included

Synchronization rights allow you to add existing music to moving images. With Moodelizer Studio, your synchronization rights are automatically included. That means you can choose from over 100 premium soundtracks and add them to any film you want without having to tell us anything. You don’t need to report usage to us. You don’t need to pay any more fees. And there’s no time limit on usage.

Mechanical rights are included

Mechanical rights are also included in your subscription. That means you have the right to use the audio recordings in Moodelizer Studio in your films. No extra fees. No reporting.

Performance rights still apply

Performance rights apply to works performed publicly. These are local to the country in which the performance takes place and are generally handled by the broadcaster of the work. Performance rights are not included in your Moodelizer Studio subscription.